Our Unbe-leaf-able Leafy Range!

Hazera South Africa is excited to present our leafy range in partnership with Vilmorin – it is simply unbe-leaf-able!

Why is it unbe-leafable?
The lettuce varieties in our expanded range has been especially chosen for the South African climate. Year-round production is essential in the economy, and as always – we want to supply our growers with the best genetics at the best prices.

What are the innovations in development?
Cultivated on all 5 continents, salads are enjoyed by consumers for its health benefits and ease of preparation. And let’s not forget the Convenience and Fresh markets who are developing new ways of consumption such as salad snacking and salad bars. It is also important to growers for whom it may be a strategic crop.

To offer products with added value and originality to our growers, the Vilmorin range diversifies and complements our existing portfolio of leafy greens – giving you more to choose from.

More and more growers are looking to products that are adapted for hydroponics – why?

Hydroponics and vertical farming are gaining popularity around the world. Our growers are increasingly becoming interested in finding crop varieties that have a proven track record in a controlled environment system. We are able to meet this need – an excellent advantage of being part of the Limagrain group. This enables us to provide a rich portfolio of leafy green varieties adapted to hydroponic greenhouses and vertical farms, enabling year-round production in various climates and systems.

What is the advantage of our hydroponic product range ?

It isn’t necessarily about developing new varieties, but more about identifying varieties which produce uniform and compact greens with a good color intensity, rapid growth and tolerance to certain physiological disorders.

Hazera South Africa’s advantage over its competitors in the market is the wide selection on offer. We have a full range of leafy varieties such as iceberg, romaine, oakleaf, butter, cos, etc. We can provide these typologies for hydroponic cultivation.

Here’s to #growingtogether!