Hazera’s operations in South Africa are expanding

Hazera’s CEO, Rami Dar and Hazera’s Deputy CEO, Amit Einav’s visit to South Africa and our subsidiary was an opportunity for a comprehensive overview of our subs activities, as well as insights into our operations. This included attending a sales meeting and hearing regional sales managers presenting insights into their activities. The local market business plan is based on the product development team’s evaluation of the potentials in our range, and identification of the gaps in various crops.

We spent the next 3 days in the field with 2 primary objectives in mind.
1) To meet the grower where we have had very successful Research bacterial screening trials for the Saladette breeding program, of our breeder, Ezri Peleg and his team.
2) To visit 2 of the largest tomato growers in the country, namely Carpithion Farming and ZZ2, both of whom are ardent supporters of the Hazera brand and its genetics.

Hazera’s operations in South Africa are expanding and showing promise that business will continue to grow into the future.