Developing for the future

In South Africa, skills shortage is just as severe as in the rest of the world. This is why a complete team of talented specialists is something to celebrate. The Product Development team at Hazera Seeds South Africa is such a team.

Johann Pretorius has been specializing in Onion production, travelling the country to visit trials of our Short and Intermediate day onion varieties. Johann also manages the Squash & Melon portfolios of the company.

Sanet de Klerk joined Hazera Seeds South Africa in January 2014 bringing with her knowledge from her days as agriculturalist at one of the country’s largest cooperations. Sanet manages the development of Tomato, Lettuce , Cucumbers and Peppers country wide.

In March the team was complete with the expertise of John Mcchlery. John worked on the other side of the coin – as a customer of Hazera SA’s for many years while managing Green’s Green growers. He brings his hands on experience to manage mainly the carrot, bean and brassica varieties.