Cucumbers in the South African Market

Hazera showcases two of the best

Long cucumber varieties in South Africa are required to be highly adaptable to weather changes, have strong disease resistance, and produce high-yielding crops of excellent quality.
Farmers from around the world prefer a product that consistently meets these demands and tend to look for varieties that exhibit uniformity throughout the growing season, as well as a long shelf-life once the crops have been harvested.Hazera is a world leader in vegetable seeds, and has a long, successful history of developing varieties with resistance to multiple diseases. Some of these varieties may offer a high level of disease resistance (HR), while in others this is more moderate, or intermediate (IR).
Hazera’s many years of experience is evident in its varieties of cucumbers. The company strives for customer and consumer satisfaction throughout the value chain.
Over the last two years, after several years of trials in diverse regions of the world, Hazera has introduced two new varieties of cucumbers into the market. These varieties are specifically adapted to the market requirements in South Africa and belong to a new category recently launched by Hazera – Pro Plus.
These include features of resilience that save growers the use of pesticides, reduce costs, increase profitability and improves their ability to meet standards of clean produce and environmental protection (Pro = protection, Plus = performance).
Now, with the launch of Hazera’s new Pro Plus series of cucumber varieties, growers can implement a new, reliable, cost-effective,
and eco-friendly tool for reducing crop damage and financial loss.
These qualities will feature in Hazera’s new series intended for the South African market:


with a length of 30 – 33 centimetres, Tartufo is a dark green cylindrical shaped fruit, and its main advantage is its durability to weather conditions. This means it will continually produce high quality and abundant fruit, of optimal size throughout the growing cycle. Regardless of intense cold or heat, the cucumber will give growers peace of mind that they will have quality products to sell throughout the year. Other features include field tolerance to powdery mildew (Px), which can be grown in tunnels (protected cultivation), and high resistance to CYSDV, CVYV.


is the upcoming star over the past year, with a fruit length of 32 – 36 centimetres it produces a superior crop in peak winter. Its main advantage is its resistance to diseases and fungal infection. With high resistance to CYSDV, CVYV and intermediate resistance to powdery mildew, as well as ToLCNDV (New Delhi). Island is also a more attractive fruit – it is long, dark, and firm with noticeable ribs. Also, with the high percentage of marketable fruits, there is almost no waste with this brilliant cucumber variety.
Hazera South Africa is constantly looking to improve our varieties and services for the local market. The breeding/R&D team behind the scenes strive for excellence and are attentive to market needs. They are motivated to developing new beneficial traits and better the resistances of Hazera varieties.
Come try our new varieties from the Hazera Pro Plus Cucumber series.
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